In recent years, quick service restaurants (QSRs) are often a consumer’s first choice accounting for 57% of foot traffic across all restaurant segments. As QSRs look to monetize this trend and align themselves closer to the consumer, many have turned to the digital environment by launching their own mobile app. Mobile apps are gaining popularity because they are convenient for the consumer, allow for customization and branding, and provide a pleasant user experience. The introduction of a mobile app can result in increased customer loyalty and higher revenue, but it can also transform how you advertise and market your restaurant when you integrate mobile proximity marketing.

QSR Magazine published the findings of a consumer study for mobile app usage of 2,500 diners. The results support the rapid growth of mobile apps and the industry’s continued adoption of mobile eCommerce. Specific consumer insights include:

  • 63 percent have at least one quick-service app on their phones
  • 73 percent have used mobile apps within QSRs
  • 35 percent use mobile every time they visit a quick-service restaurant (or at least regularly)

From the QSR perspective, these statistics demand that mobile be embraced. There are several ways to integrate mobile proximity marketing, so let’s look at a couple key examples.

  • Geofencing an area as broad as a zip code or as narrow as a couple hundred square yards is the crucial step in identifying your audience and where you want to reach them. If your restaurant delivers, then a broader fence would allow you to market both in-store and delivery deals, and if most of your business comes from dining in, then a more narrow fence would be better to attract diners when they’re close by and deciding between various QSRs around your store. ShopAdvisor’s capabilities allow you to geofence any area nationwide and constantly broaden or narrow the fence based on how your mobile marketing campaign is performing. For example, in a recent campaign with EVOS Restaurants in the greater-Tampa area, ShopAdvisor adjusted the geofence based upon certain day-of-the-week promos that catered to college students (on-campus) by targeting local campuses. By having a partner that will constantly monitor your campaign, you can be sure that you’re receiving optimal results to drive foot traffic into your restaurant and increase your sales.
  • Marketing your in-restaurant promos like meal deals on certain days of the week, BOGO deals, and Kids Eat Free, are all various ways to improve customer loyalty and get customers inside your store. But what’s the best way to go about advertising these deals? If you have a mobile app, then that’s certainly an effective way, but you only reach those who have downloaded your app and have notifications turned on. A more effective method is initializing a mobile marketing campaign where you can target anyone in and around your restaurant with customized ads that appear across a multitude of mobile apps and have customized landing pages that can direct diners to your website, provide directions to your nearest restaurant, or provide a link to allow them to order food for deliver or for takeout. ShopAdvisor has helped various QSR chains achieve success with sales increasing by up to 12% by populating mobile ads on customer’s mobile devices, developing rich media creative that truly makes your brand stand out, and providing weekly sales updates that allow for constant adjustments and improvements when necessary to ensure all of your restaurants are performing as best as possible.

ShopAdvisor has been working with QSRs and fast-casual restaurants to create end-to-end campaigns that engage customers on their mobile devices, and to drive traffic to targeted restaurants in geo-fenced areas. Some of the elements include ShopAdvisor’s intelligent audience targeting, ads that really engage the consumer, and drive-to-location guidance. The ads are designed to entice specific customer segments based on contextual aspects of the targeted demographics in addition to certain times during the week. If your restaurant is looking to increase foot traffic, boost sales, or just improve brand awareness, then contact ShopAdvisor now and take your QSR to the next level.

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