This past week, ShopAdvisor teamed up with MarginEdge, EVOS Restaurant, and Clover Food Lab for an interactive webinar on how they’re leveraging technology to improve operations, attribution and customer experience. With a format that included both providers and clients, the conversation spanned various technology assets that QSR’s are using to gain an advantage in both marketing and data capabilities, as well as looked at how restaurant operators are able to streamline the way they attract customers while gaining back-of-house efficiencies in controlling food & beverage costs and ingredient usage. By using menu-focused digital marketing campaigns in tandem with a completely digitized back-office, brands can improve operational efficiency and create accurate attribution models.

This webinar also looked at how restaurant leaders uncover methods for:

Customer Acquisition

  • Determining which menu items and offers motivate customers
  • Strategies for targeting specific segments and timing offers
  • Attributing sales to specific digital marketing campaigns


  • Knowing your food costs in real-time rather than days or weeks after a period
  • Tracking theoretical vs actual ingredient usage for any food/beverage/liquor items
  • Instantly updating recipes or plating procedures for kitchen staff across your entire chain


WEBINAR: Restaurant executives talk front and back-of-house efficiency in the age of digital transformation from ShopAdvisor on Vimeo.

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