This past week, ShopAdvisor teamed up with Regrub, LLC, Founder and President, Tom Jones, for an interactive webinar on data-driven strategies and mobile marketing campaigns around QSR locations. Regrub turned to ShopAdvisor to plan, target and execute a mobile marketing campaign that would engage consumers on smartphones, tablets, and desktops with contextually relevant offers at the right times.

The conversation between Tom and ShopAdvisor’s Senior Director of Business Development, Giuseppe Calabrese, focused around how  ShopAdvisor helped to drive customers at three existing and one soon to be opened location in the greater Tampa, FL area. Regrub wanted to leverage ShopAdvisor’s mobile marketing solution to attract their ideal diners on their mobile devices with enticing offers of their most popular meal combinations. As Regrub/Smashburger didn’t possess the brand recognition of other Fast Casual and QSR chains in the area, they knew they needed to try something different to make a breakthrough.

“The delivery of customers during slack hours at these low costs is our holy grail.” -Tom Jones, President of Regrub & Smashburger Franchisee

This webinar discussed how ShopAdvisor strategically targeted and curated a contextually intelligent mobile proximity marketing campaign to connect Regrub’s 4 locations with 31,000 customers, and delivered a 15 percent sales lift in 90 days.
The webinar also provided the following:
  • How Regrub and ShopAdvisor worked together to develop a strategy and plan for reaching the right consumer segments through the most optimal channels, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and apps.
  • How ShopAdvisor developed the rich media creative for various meals/offers
  • How Regrub reached the right customer demographics through intelligent geofencing around Regrub’s Smashburger locations and aligning specific offers with audiences and optimal days and times of the week.
  • How ShopAdvisor managed and continually fine-tuned ad delivery to ensure maximum impressions, and engagement while decreasing overall cost per engagement over time.


WEBINAR: How Smashburger franchisee used mobile marketing to increase customer engagement and grow revenues from ShopAdvisor on Vimeo.


To learn more about how ShopAdvisor provides proximity marketing solutions for fast-casual dining and quick service restaurants, click here

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