For this week’s series of the Aggregate, we’ve got beacons on the brain along with publishers’ confessions of their biggest challenges, and a few surprises regarding retail stats and millennial shoppers.

  • 5 Surprising Stats around Retail and Big Data” by Lisa Cramer via InReality
    You might think you know all there is to know about retail and big data — until you read these statistics. Cramer pinpoints five surprising stats discussing the future of retail and big data, and how data is more of must-have than ever for retailers.

Also – if you’re looking for some bedtime reading on everyone’s favorite topic, proximity marketing, we recommend checking out The Proxbook Report: “Proximity Marketing in Retail: The State of the Proximity Industry.” It’s a great resource for anyone looking to explore proximity marketing more in-depth, and it also features a closer look at our success with the ShopNow! with ELLE campaign.

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