CONCORD, MA, November 26, 2018 — Competition for customers between QSR and Fast Casual restaurants is intense, each looking for an edge that will drive more brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales.  One Smashburger franchise owner, Regrub, Inc., has turned to ShopAdvisor to achieve these objectives with four restaurant locations in the greater Tampa, FL area. Thus far the campaign has exceeded expectations with meal combination promotions reaching more than 6 million potential customers and more than 15,000 customer engagements.

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ShopAdvisor’s work with Regrub’s Smashburger franchises in the Greater-Tampa area has been a success thus far as the metrics have shown promising results as the campaign continues to evolve and expand with more restaurants targeting a broader audience. Since the launch of the campaign, Smashburger has seen an increase in impressions delivery (45x the number of daily impressions since the launch of the campaign in mid-September), while engagement has reached more than 15K consumers, meaning they have clicked on the “get directions to nearest location” or “get more details on meals/deals” call-to-actions.

Having worked closely with Regrub’s executive team the last couple of months in terms of defining the campaigns many attributes such as which meals combinations to offer and when, audiences targeting, geofencing the locations, creating the rich media promotions and calls to action for the consumer, ShopAdvisor has carefully curated the campaign for optimal performance by making adjustments based upon analytics received on a daily basis. This constant management of the campaign has ensured that it does not get stagnant and that impressions and engagement continue to rise with the addition of new promos and deals to various targeted audiences.

The work ShopAdvisor has done as also offered Smashburger new and informative insights from the campaign such as demographics, consumer lifestyles and interests and response rates to meal promotions from specific consumer segments. ShopAdvisor continues to provide in-depth campaign and audience analysis reports in real-time while work with Regrub and Smashburger continues.

A look into some of the rich media ads that ShopAdvisor created for the campaign

Check out our case study to view some of the results of the initial work on the campaign with Smashburger and how ShopAdvisor accomplished the following:

  • Developed the strategy, tactics, deliverables and measurement criteria for the campaign.

  • Formulated rich media creatives that engaged diners on mobile devices and directed them to local restaurant locations.
  • Optimized the placement of ads for popular meal combinations and offers targeting specific customer segments.

  • Managed the campaign and continually fine tuned ad delivery to ensure maximum impressions and engagement while decreasing overall cost per engagement over time.


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