BOSTON, MA, June 4, 2019ShopAdvisor and EVOS Restaurants, reported today the results of a mobile proximity marketing campaign for four locations in the greater Tampa and Miami, FL area. The powered by ShopAdvisor campaign, which ran in Q2 2019, exceeded all expectations. All told, the promoted meal combinations reached more than 5.7 million potential customers, resulting in 20,000 customer engagements, and lifted sales by 9% across participating locations. The campaign also increased visitors to EVOS’ web site by 100%.

ShopAdvisor showcased the success of the campaign during a Webinar with Fast Casual on May 23rd, where Michael Jeffers, Co-Founder of EVOS, and Giuseppe Calabrese of ShopAdvisor were two of the four panelists along with executives of MarginEdge and Clover Food Lab. This webinar showed how ShopAdvisor strategically targeted and curated a contextually intelligent mobile proximity marketing campaign to connect EVOS’ 4 locations with millions of customers.  ShopAdvisor’s ability to continually manage and optimize the campaign throughout resulted in increased brand awareness; more customer visits to the restaurants; increased special offer redemptions by as much as 23%; reversed declining trends in certain meal redemption offers; and lifted overall sales across the board.

According to Michael Jeffers, “Working on this campaign with ShopAdvisor has been nothing short of a fantastic experience. Their team acts with the utmost professionalism and was very hands on and constantly in contact with me and provided diligent notes and reports about how the campaign was performing at every restaurant for each of 8 targeted offers including brand building ads. This certainly exceeded my expectations, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the creatives they produced for our brand and marketed ads on mobile devices in and around our restaurants. With increased redemptions on our annual free organic milkshakes Earth Day promotion and a sales lift of 9%, we’re more than pleased with the outcome of the campaign.”

ShopAdvisor worked closely with EVOS’ executive team in defining the campaign’s many attributes including; which meal combinations to offer and when; geofencing the restaurant locations; targeting specific audience segments; creating all the on brand rich media promotions and calls to action for the consumer including getting directions to the nearest location; and developing new landing pages for the website, which presented customers with more information and offer options. By closely managing the campaign for EVOS, ShopAdvisor not only maximized impression delivery and customer engagements but also reduced the overall cost per engagement throughout the course of the campaign by over 80%.

“EVOS has been an exceptional partner throughout this campaign. We’ve both learned a great deal concerning all the elements of a contextually intelligent mobile marketing campaign. The result is a set of proven technologies, best practice strategies, procedures, and tactics that enable the delivery of the right offers to the right consumers at the right time.” said Jeff Papows, ShopAdvisor’s CEO. “The proof is in the dramatic growth in customer engagement, which grew by more than 1000% from the first week of the campaign, and the declining cost per engagement over the course of 6 weeks to under $.50 per engagement. Also, to see a sales lift of 9% was very promising and certainly exceeded both side’s expectations.”

ShopAdvisor has been working with QSRs and fast-casual restaurants to create end-to-end campaigns that engage customers on their mobile devices, to drive traffic to targeted restaurants in geo-fenced areas. Some of the elements include ShopAdvisor’s intelligent audience targeting, ads that really engage the consumer, and drive-to-location guidance. The ads are designed to motivate a call to action with specific customer segments based on contextual aspects of the targeted demographics in addition to certain dayparts.

Click here to view the case study and take a deeper dive into the analytics and results from the campaign.

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