Explains How to Connect with Consumers on Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktops at the Right Time with the Right Offer to Increase Sales & Loyalty

Boston, MA, February 27, 2019 – ShopAdvisor, a leader in powering mobile marketing campaigns that drive consumers to restaurants and retail locations, announced today the release of their newest white paper, Gaining More Customers through Mobile Marketing: The 5 Step Playbook Connecting Consumers to Boost Sales and Loyalty at Quick Service Restaurants. The interactive white paper provides a guide for marketers on how to leverage next-generation mobile marketing to attract more customers. It details how ShopAdvisor helps QSR and fast-casual restaurants combine consumer demographics and preferences with location awareness to engage diners on their smartphones, tablets, and desktops with contextually relevant promotions for meals and special offers and then guide the diner to the restaurant location nearest to them.

According to Jeff Papows, CEO of ShopAdvisor, “This white paper outlines the critical steps to optimizing mobile proximity marketing, from tapping the right analytics to aligning strategies for increasing engagements in and around targeted restaurants. The mobile marketing campaign, powered by ShopAdvisor for Smashburger franchisee, Regrub LLC, which is referenced in the paper, is demonstrable proof of how these strategies and tactics can deliver more customers, provide greater insight into their demographics, which meals are most popular with whom, and when offers work the best.”

Papows added, “The QSR and fast casual restaurant market, particularly the more regional ones with 10 to 200 locations, are behind the curve in exploiting mobile marketing to reach consumers as compared to the large national brands. These owner/operators are either too busy handling day to day operations or assume the technology investment is too costly or laborious for them.  So instead they rely on out of date tactics like general brand awareness ads in newspapers or local flyers or sending out mailers to attract customers. None of these approaches is particularly effective or align with the reality that consumers now live on their phones or tablets and that is the best way to reach them. Getting information to the market that explains clearly how to capitalize on this paradigm shift will enable this segment of QSR and fast casual franchises to start their path to leveraging technology to gain more customers. By including an example of how a franchisee in this food group partnered with ShopAdvisor to make mobile proximity marketing work, will help many more replicate those best practices in their own efforts.”

The new white paper features:

  • How leveraging technology, particularly mobile proximity marketing, is now an essential channel for connecting diners with personalized offers
  • The five critical steps to restaurant proximity marketing effectiveness from pre-campaign analysis through campaign execution and optimization to sales lift impact
  • Examples of how contextualized intelligence has worked for other restaurants and fast casual chains

Get your copy of the free white paper at https://www.shopadvisor.com/gainingmorecustomersthroughmobilemarketing/

ShopAdvisor enables restaurants, agencies, brands, and retailers to power mobile, and other digital shopping experiences that drive consumers’ path to purchase in brick-and-mortar locations. ShopAdvisor’s end-to-end solution spans audience and geographic targeting which includes rich media creative design and delivery, campaign execution, management and optimization, and post-campaign analysis.

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