“How clear and concise data and metrics can help you gain an edge on the competition”

As retail attempts to reopen around the country, in fits and starts, the challenges in separating your products from the competition have never been harder. With consumer habits changing, so must your strategy change. With this rapid evolution in the retail and CPG space, how can you know if your marketing campaigns are boosting sales and if you are receiving an optimal return on ad spend? 

This is where ShopAdvisor comes in. With the most accurate sales data coming from Nielsen, the leading global information company, and directly from retailers, we can provide you with a comprehensive sales lift study that shows how your products are moving off the shelves down to individual store levels. Our newly developed dashboard and analytics is equipped with many insights to show lift across DMAs and states, show investment vs ROI, and campaign performance. The level of transparency and insight is unparalleled, and will provide you with every measurement possible for your marketing campaign.

We’re excited to show you how it works, so click below, and you’ll be able to try a demo version of the dashboard for a sales lift study from a campaign we previously ran. If you like what you see, click the link at the bottom of this email and schedule an appointment with us to show you more and showcase how we can implement this within your company. 

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