Using the platform it created to help Evos Restaurants, a four-unit Florida-based fast casual concept, and Smashburger franchisee Regrub, acquire more customers, ShopAdvisor has rolled out a customer acquisition accelerator program for small and mid-sized QSR and fast casual restaurants.

It provides a virtual turnkey and cost-effective way for restaurant operators to grow their brand awareness, target prospective customers with the right offer at the right time, increase traffic to restaurant locations and generate sales lift, according to a press release

The program, which is available at three levels to match organizations sizes and needs, provides the following:

  • Campaign strategy and planning to identify and analyze all the crucial elements before the launch of a campaign including appropriate location geofencing, audience demographics and targeting, meals and redemption offers and best times to deliver certain ads.
  • Rich media creative design and execution to provide the convenience of designing and developing all campaign elements including custom landing pages, interactive components, various displays and banner and push-notifications streamlined for mobile devices, tablets and computers.
  • Campaign execution and optimization to set and schedule the campaign and then closely monitor the effectiveness of ads by determining which are getting the most engagement and where sales are occurring. We then direct promotions and campaign dollars to the most effective times, locations and audiences.
  • Campaign analytics and reporting to provide a weekly report and a final report breaking down data and analytics such as total ads delivered, audience engagement, customer demographics, cost per engagement and return on ad spend.

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