ShopAdvisor has launched a Customer Acquisition Accelerator Program for small and mid-sized quick-serve and fast casual restaurants to help owners and operators grow brand awareness, target prospective customers with the right offer at the right time, increase traffic, and generate sales lift.

The program, which is available at three levels, provides a complete mobile marketing solution that is powered by ShopAdvisor. It provides the owner/operator with the following:

  • Campaign strategy and planning, taking into account appropriate location geofencing, audience demographics and targeting, meals and redemption offers, and best times to deliver certain ads;
  • Rich media creative design and execution; including custom landing pages, interactive components, various displays, and banner and push-notifications streamlined for mobile devices, tablets, and computers;
  • Campaign execution and optimization that sets and schedules the campaign, closely monitors the effectiveness of ads by determining which are getting the most engagement and where sales are occurring, and then directs promotions and campaign dollars to the most effective times, locations and audiences; and
  • Campaign analytics and reporting, breaking down key data and analytics, such as total ads delivered, audience engagement, customer demographics, cost per engagement, and return on ad spend.

The ShopAdvisor Customer Acquisition Accelerator Program is based on two highly successful campaigns done for EVOS Restaurants and Smashburger franchisee Regrub. For both campaigns, the solution delivered millions of impressions, tens of thousands of qualified customer engagements, website traffic surges, sales lift as high as 15 percent, and a much greater understanding of their customers and most popular offerings…

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