Provides End-to-End Mobile Marketing Campaigns that Reach Consumers with Offers that Increase Visits and Boost Sales

ShopAdvisor, Inc has announced a Customer Acquisition Accelerator Program for small and mid-sized QSR and fast casual restaurants. Based on highly successful campaigns done with EVOS Restaurants and Regrub, LLC., a Smashburger franchisee, the program provides a virtual turnkey and cost-effective way for restaurant owner/operators to grow their brand awareness; target prospective customers with the right offer at the right time; increase traffic to restaurant locations; and generate sales lift.

The program, which is available at three levels to march each organization’s size and needs, provides a complete mobile marketing solution that is powered by ShopAdvisor. It provides the owner/operator with the following:

  • Campaign Strategy and Planning — We identify and analyze all the crucial elements before the launch of a campaign including appropriate location geofencing, audience demographics and targeting, meals and redemption offers, and best times to deliver certain ads.
  • Rich Media Creative Design and Execution — We provide the convenience of designing and developing all campaign elements including custom landing pages, interactive components, various displays, and banner and push-notifications streamlined for mobile devices, tablets, and computers.
  • Campaign Execution and Optimization — We set and schedule the campaign and then closely monitor the effectiveness of ads by determining which are getting the most engagement and where sales are occurring. We then direct promotions and campaign dollars to the most effective times, locations and audiences.
  • Campaign Analytics and Reporting — Finally, we provide a thorough weekly report and a final report breaking down key data and analytics such as total ads delivered, audience engagement, customer demographics, cost per engagement, and return on ad spend.

In the hyper-competitive QSR and fast casual industry, owner/operators need to be increasingly innovative and nimble to ensure they get their share of the market. The challenge for the small and mid-tier chains is that they don’t have the time or technical competency the larger chains possess to develop and execute these kinds personalized and location-aware mobile marketing campaigns. And with consumers now using their smartphones as an integral part of their restaurant identification, selection, ordering, and on-premise dining experience, it’s now a requirement for every restaurant to provide this kind of service.

The ShopAdvisor Customer Acquisition Accelerator Program is based on two highly successful campaigns done for EVOS Restaurants and Smashburger franchisee, Regrub, LLC. For both campaigns, the powered by ShopAdvisor solution delivered millions of impressions, tens of thousands of qualified customer engagements, unprecedented website traffic, sales lift as high as 15% and a much greater understanding of their customers and most popular offerings.

When looking to break through the digital clutter and find a solution that ultimately drives foot traffic into the restaurant, QSRs and fast-casual chains must take personalized messaging to new heights

According to Michael Jeffers, Co-Founder of EVOS Restaurants, “Working on the campaign with ShopAdvisor has been nothing short of a fantastic experience. Their team acted with the utmost professionalism and was very hands on and constantly in contact with me and provided diligent notes and reports about how the campaign was performing at every restaurant for each of 8 targeted offers as well brand building ads. This certainly exceeded my expectations, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the creatives they produced for our brand and marketed ads on mobile devices in and around our restaurants. With increased redemptions on our annual free organic milkshakes Earth Day promotion and a sales lift of 9%, we’re more than pleased with the outcome of the campaign.” Click here to view the case study and take a deeper look at the figures and analytics from the campaign with EVOS.

“When looking to break through the digital clutter and find a solution that ultimately drives foot traffic into the restaurant, QSRs and fast-casual chains must take personalized messaging to new heights, said Jeff Papows, CEO of ShopAdvisor. “Our mobile proximity marketing campaigns, which are built from consumer data and contextual intelligence, deliver curated, customized offers to a single customer in sync with their mobile, online and in-restaurant preferences. By accessing rich, granular customer data that goes beyond generic signals, like gender and age, restaurant owner-operators can now execute customized mobile proximity marketing campaigns for millions of audiences of one.”

ShopAdvisor’s Program offers three tiers for QSRs and fast-casual restaurants to choose from. Each tier is defined by the number of restaurants, the duration of the campaign, and the number of customer impressions and engagements desired. Click below to take a more in-depth look at what features and capabilities that ShopAdvisor offers to QSRs that are seeking to make a splash and take their marketing campaign to the next level.

About ShopAdvisor
ShopAdvisor enables agencies, brands, retailers, and restaurants to power mobile, and other digital shopping experiences that drive consumers’ path to purchase in brick-and-mortar locations. ShopAdvisor’s end-to-end solution spans audience and geographic targeting which includes rich media creative design and delivery, campaign execution, management and optimization, and post-campaign analysis.

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