It appears as though we’re finally turning the corner on the pandemic. With Americans being vaccinated at rates ahead of schedule set forth by the government we can expect to see life return to more normal rhythms this summer.

For restaurant owner/operators now is the time to be thinking about their marketing activities to pull customers back to their locations or place orders for pickup and/or delivery. But many restaurants have scaled back so much over the past year that they’ve necessarily let their marketing activities atrophy.

So the question is how to ramp up marketing quickly, but ensure it’s done efficiently so that the proper amount of time and energy can be given to all the aspects of the business that must now scale back up. The best approach is to implement a holistic digital strategy that engages customers with offers at the right time and the right place. In order to execute something like this you should ask yourself the following:

Do I have a digital capability that goes beyond basic web site marketing?

Can I develop and run a promotion that can be developed in less than a few minutes a week?

Can I make the campaign deliver personalized ads across popular social channels as well as other apps, such as lifestyle, nutrition and health?

Can I target the ads to specific demographic groups that match my target customers?

Can I measure the effectiveness of a campaign in great detail that will tell me who I reached, when we connected with them and the actions they took? And then be able to measure the return on the ad spend for that campaign?

If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions then you need to talk with Targetable/ShopAdvisor. These two companies, which just joined forces, are providing restaurants and small businesses of all kinds an easy-to-use and inexpensive hyperlocal hospitality brand marketing platform.

To learn more and connect with someone who can tell you more about how some forward thinking companies are using Targetable and ShopAdvisor to power their digital marketing campaigns click below.

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