As shoppers hit the roads headed to their favorite retail boutiques or malls to search for the perfect gifts you can be sure that stopping someplace to eat will part of that trip. Where they choose to eat can be greatly influenced by a contextually relevant and timely offer on their smartphone.  In these situations the consumer doesn’t necessarily have a “plan” for a specific restaurant in mind, much less a reservation for one.  More often than not they will head to a quick service restaurant (QSR) or chain because it fits within the context of their shopping excursion.Chain and QSR restaurants have emerged as favorites of Millennials. Price, consistency, quality and convenience are all factors that are driving this trend. A recent report from IBISWorld finds that the industry has experienced a steady annual growth rate of nearly 4% over the past five years, which is expected to continue.

Competition for customers will increase with technology playing a huge role in capturing a diner’s attention and loyalty. Apps, gift cards, limited time offers (LTOs) and curbside pickup are all designed to give the consumer the ability to get the food they want, when they want it and wherever they might be.

An effective mobile proximity marketing campaign can entail all of these capabilities and enable a restaurant to secure more than its fair share of hungry customers. ShopAdvisor has been helping all kinds of food and beverage brands build mobile campaigns that engage consumers with the right offer at the right time that takes them to a specific location. In fact, ShopAdvisor has helped QSR and restaurant chains Mucho Burrito and Extreme Pita substantially increase foot traffic through powered by ShopAdvisor mobile proximity marketing campaigns. To see how this was done click on the image to the right.

Click below to read more about that campaign.

In the meantime happy holiday gift hunting and don’t forget to check your phone for great deals and offers for places to satisfy your hunger.

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