ShopAdvisor recently spoke with Founder and President of Regrub, Tom Jones, who is the Smashburger franchise owner working with ShopAdvisor on a new campaign. Tom talked about the motivations for the campaign and some of the interesting findings and insights into their business that has been revealed thus far.

Q: What do you find is the biggest challenge in engaging customers and attracting them to your restaurant?

A: Certainly building brand awareness is a key first step. In the greater Tampa area, Smashburger doesn’t have the same level of brand awareness with the public that other QSR and Fast Casual chains do. So achieving that first objective is critical and this campaign is certainly showing that at a very attractive cost per engagement. Another thing we’ve learned very early in this process is the need to keep refreshing the offers and to provide a clear call to action that motivates the consumer to drive to the nearest Smashburger location.

“The delivery of customers during slack hours at these low costs is our holy grail.” -Tom Jones

Q: Can you give us a brief overview of what your current campaign with ShopAdvisor entails?

A: For this campaign, we are working with ShopAdvisor on promotions that drive diners to three existing and one soon to be opened Smashburger location in the greater Tampa, FL area. Some of the elements include ShopAdvisor’s intelligent audience targeting, ads that really engage the consumer, and drive-to-location guidance. The ads are designed to entice specific customer segments including Moms, retirees, burger enthusiasts and more. For example, we have a “Kids Eat Free on Mondays” offer which appeals to families and Moms in particular. We see this campaign running several months and something that will continually evolve as we learn what works best and when.

Tom Jones, President of Regrub LLC and Smashburger Franchisee

Q: When it comes to tracking and measurement, what aspects of a mobile marketing campaign do you find most effective?

A: One of the best things about a mobile marketing campaign is that unlike traditional promotions such as print, radio or TV ads, we can track and attribute results to specific mobile ads, where they are placed, and when they are run. During our campaign with ShopAdvisor, we’ve been able to determine how many people our ads are being exposed to and how many people are actually are clicking on the ads. We consider this level of engagement to be a strong indicator that they likely visited one of the locations. This real-time visibility into campaign execution enables us to fine-tune the campaign in multiple ways including increasing or decreasing exposure in certain geographies; running it more often during certain times of the day; or changing the rotation of certain ads to focus on those that are getting more traction over others.

Q: Finally, how do you envision moving forward with ShopAdvisor and taking the next steps in marketing your franchises?

A: As we’ve just launched a new Smashburger location, engaging with customers around that restaurant will be a key component in the near future. In addition to showcasing the in-store promotions, things like mapped out directions, hours of operations, access to menu items, phone numbers to call to place orders, and options for takeout or delivery can all be conveyed succinctly. To make this happen, ShopAdvisor’s geofencing capabilities will identify and engage with potential consumers within a logical area such as three to five miles, and alert them to our location and include promotions to increase foot traffic. The other major objective will be to link our point of sales data in these restaurants back to the ads and when they run, which will enable us to add measurable ROI/ROAS to the equation.

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