Our Partners

ShopAdvisor Partner Program

The ShopAdvisor Partner Program enables partner companies like Nielsen and Ninth Decimal, to feed data into the ShopAdvisor Platform to help deliver comprehensive mobile proximity marketing solutions to brands, retailers and digital agencies. The program brings together best of breed data, technology, services and app providers to power proximity marketing campaigns which engage shoppers with personalized experiences that offer the right product at the right to time with options to buy online, buy online and pick up in store or buy in the store. The comprehensive solutions enabled by the program also provide an unmatched ability to plan, test, optimize, execute and measure campaign effectiveness and determine financial impact and return on ad spend.

Organizations participate in the ShopAdvisor Partner Program in one of three ways:


  • App partners and Ad Networks — pull product and location information from the ShopAdvisor Platform via the API to power the ads and promotions presented to users of their apps. The ads are dynamically created and contextually relevant to each individual user based on their interests, history and locations. ShopAdvisor is plugged into the following Ad Networks:
  • Data partners — build on the rich repository of contextualized shopper, product and location information in the ShopAdvisor Platform. Partner data can be integrated into the ShopAdvisor Platform programmatically or through file exchanges and are executed on at regularly scheduled intervals. As an example, ShopAdvisor’s work with Nielsen brings a plethora of consumer product goods data covering in-store availability and product purchase history.
  • Technology/services — leverage ShopAdvisor’s data in the execution and measurement of campaigns. Among these partners are demand side platform (DSP) providers, rich media creative vendors, video and social media ad networks. These organizations use the ShopAdvisor API to access data that powers the ads and return results back to the ShopAdvisor Platform to further personalize the ad experience for the shopper. Other partners in this category include those that gather shopper data which is integrated with ShopAdvisor’s analytics to assess overall campaign effectiveness and return on ad spend (ROAS). ShopAdvisor has worked with NInthDecimal to cross reference their foot traffic studies with sales lift analysis to deliver some of the industry’s most comprehensive campaign reporting and analysis.

Nielsen Connected Partner

ShopAdvisor is the first mobile proximity marketing platform provider to join the Nielsen Connected Partner Program. Nielsen’s Open CPG Data and Insights Ecosystem is an industry first solution for companies servicing the CPG and retail industry.

This program enables partner companies and Nielsen clients to find each other and collaborate in an open ecosystem, freeing them from common barriers to connecting applications and data sets at scale. Nielsen’s CPG data is the DNA of this program and is the most robust retail and shopper information available in the world. Through a mutual data source, the Nielsen Connected Partner Program enables Nielsen clients and partners to easily bridge their insights and harness the data necessary to net mutually beneficial results.