Our Solution

ShopAdvisor’s solution covers millions of product SKUs and their availability at hundreds of thousand retail locations. This data is gathered through a combination of direct feeds from retailers, intelligent plugins and third party data providers. When coupled with location awareness of the shopper, their proximity to the nearest relevant retail location, and their buying interests and intentions, ShopAdvisor ensures that the consumer finds the product they want at the most optimal location. Throughout this process ShopAdvisor gathers insights on shopper activity, patterns, interests and purchases. These are combined with analytics to deliver powerful reporting services to show measurable campaign results including shopper foot traffic, sales lift and ROI. ShopAdvisor’s solution can be implemented in modular services to provide customers with the top capabilities in mobile proximity marketing.


Product/Store Finder

Make your “Where to Buy” product specific:

  • Implement on product detail pages
  • Provide store details and location information
  • Indicate stock status

Pre-Campaign Assessment

Determine crucial insights before the launch of a campaign:

  • Inventory check by UPC
  • Audience demographics
  • Insights into competitive marketplace

Rich Media Creatives

The convenience of designing in-house:

  • Custom landing pages
  • Interactive components
  • Display, banner and push-notifications

Sales Lift Analysis

Be certain that each part of your campaign is working collectively to drive in-store sales:

  • Calculate the percentage increase or decrease in each metric for users who received a campaign versus a controlled group

Campaign Optimization & Management

Serve bidding of ads, determine where sales are occurring, and direct efforts and campaign dollars through:

  • Geofencing
  • Analyzing inventory in real-time
  • Purchase Intent Report

On-Premise Analytics

Understand the customer’s path to purchase from initial engagement outside the restaurant all to the counter or table where they place their orders.

  • Track mobile ad ids of customers entering the restaurant

End-to-End Service

A one-stop shop for brands, retailers or agencies looking to eliminate the middleman:

  • From initial campaign targeting to design, delivery, and post-campaign analysis
  • Best of breed service integration


The ShopAdvisor solution is based on three complementary components:

Product Intelligence comes from ingesting information from hundreds of retail and data partner sources and then merging, categorizing and standardizing complex product data.

Gain a deep understanding of products in the marketplace – such as where the products are available for purchase, how much they cost, and how they relate to competitive items – to mount successful marketing strategies

Location awareness is reaching your target shopper at the right place at the right time with relevant marketing messages to guide and measure a consumer’s path-to-purchase. This includes precise mapping of retailers to target shoppers based on product in-stock signals from each retail location relevant to a shopper’s proximity to that store. Additionally, marketing messages are dynamic and displayed in custom rich media creative ad units providing guidance to consumers taking the guesswork out of where to buy, resulting in conversions.
Shopper analytics start with shopper interests and insights, which are derived from the information gathered from the consumer while engaged in the shopping process. This includes things such as location, time of day, travel patterns, product interests, affinities and much more. ShopAdvisor’s analysis of this information goes beyond industry standard click throughs and impressions. Purchase information, in both units and dollar volume, can be correlated to shopper activity to obtain a true measure of the impact of a campaign. For example, a sales lift analysis report provides insights into shopper demographics, engagement and related purchases throughout a campaign. Additional services such as a foot traffic study can garner even more insights into campaign performance at particular locations. This kind of detailed analysis provides brands and retailers with the intelligence needed to assess overall campaign performance and optimize future marketing campaigns.