As Breakfast on-the-go continues to grow in fast-casual restaurants and QSRs, major chains are ramping up their efforts to bolster their coffee and food menus, as well as breakfast delivery options.

One key example is Panera, which has grown its breakfast delivery by 250% by scaling delivery nationwide earlier this year. After starting with 230 of its restaurants a year ago, they’ve expanding breakfast delivery to over 600 locations with more to come in 2020.

Another major QSR Chain looking to make a splash is Wendy’s, which will get into the breakfast game come Q1 of 2020. Expectations are that 10% of the daily restaurant scales will come from breakfast offerings as they invest $20 million in the launch and hire 20,000 new workers to accommodate the addition and transition. 

Consumer interest in coffee at breakfast is also giving coffee chains a path to growth within the daypart, with Dunkin’ recently launching its Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich nationwide. 

Plant-based could also drive traffic during breakfast, as it has for lunch and dinner dayparts. 

Tim Hortons also offers plant-based breakfast options, but the trendy category is still fairly underrepresented in the morning, despite demand. According to A Technomic study, 32% of millennials would like a vegetarian or vegan offering for breakfast, compared to 20% of all consumers. 

If chains can balance the practical challenges that come with breakfast preparation and offer competitive menu items, however, breakfast could be a lucrative segment.

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