As ShopAdvisor continues to grow and improve their marketing capabilities in the QSR and Fast Casual Restaurant sector, we would like to share a piece of media that showcases what we do and how we can help separate your restaurant from those around you. Check out this new animated video that explains why you need to be using mobile proximity marketing to stand out from your competitors, build brand awareness, and draw new customers. 

This piece dives into the methods and strategies involving QSR and Fast Casual dining, and how our technology helps drive specified demographics to your restaurants to achieve optimal results in various contextual scenarios.

Now, what does a ShopAdvisor campaign look like during and post-campaign? One of the best things about a mobile marketing campaign is that unlike traditional promotions – printed ads, television, radio, and even online banner ads — the owner/operator can track and attribute results to specific mobile ads, where they are placed and when they are run. You can determine throughout the course of the campaign how many people your ads are being exposed to; how many are clicking on the ads and promotions, and how many are actually visiting specific locations. This real-time visibility into campaign execution enables the owner to fine tune it in multiple ways including increasing or decreasing exposure in certain geographies; running it more often during certain times of the day; changing out ads that are engaging consumers with those that have more traction, and more.

Finally, with the rise of technology in the QSR and Fast Casual restaurant sphere, and mobile in particular, the way to market your restaurant is fundamentally changing and therefore your approach must do the same. Bottom line is the market is there, the consumer is ready, and the technology is capable of enhancing the dining experience while adding to the owner/operator’s bottom line. The question you have to ask yourself is are you doing all you can to take advantage of this new paradigm in dining?


ShopAdvisor Capabilities from ShopAdvisor on Vimeo.

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