We wanted to share a case study with you about a recent campaign we ran with a national skincare brand to promote awareness and entice shoppers to purchase their products at CVS stores nationwide. Following the campaign, ShopAdvisor provided a sales lift report and attribution study to assess the campaign’s effectiveness.

Click here to view the PDF and take a deeper dive into the analytics and results of the campaign. Whether it’s our in-store data capabilities, or sales lift analysis, there are various features within each campaign that can take your sales to the next level.

Over the course of eight weeks, the Powered by ShopAdvisor campaign delivered results that either achieved or exceeded the brand’s expectations, including:

  • Very strong sales performance at the national level – distribution of the featured product appeared to start during or right before the campaign period for some retailers.
  • A multi-faceted mobile marketing approach that led customers to CVS stores near them, or directed them to purchase the products on Amazon.com UPCs (up to 33%, which is a substantial lift for an established UPC).
  • Most of the top 20 DMAs with the highest impressions delivered also had higher than average CTR.
  • Impressions we well distributed across all DMAs resulting in sales lift across all states.


Omnichannel marketing campaigns have many moving parts, but how can you be certain that each part is working collectively to drive in-store sales? Elements including surface level and traditional analytics, such as click-throughs and conversion rates, cannot paint the entire picture of your campaign, which leaves you unsure as to whether or not your campaign directly attributed in-store revenue. This is why sales lift measurement is so important in assessing the true impact of a campaign. Examining historical data such as sales prior to promotion and sales compared to the same period of the prior year contrasted with results delivered during the campaign provides the attributable metrics needed to determine overall effectiveness. Without a sales lift analysis, marketers could very well be leaving out a crucial piece of their campaign puzzle.

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