As mobile marketing continues to grow and is estimated to reach $386B by 2027, the opportunity to have your product out in front of potential customers is more competitive than ever before. Increased popularity of mobile marketing with increasing mobile devices is the major factor for rise in the market revenue, as well as the continued growth of social media and advertising, high penetration of mobile users, and increased use of mobile applications and mobile web all boosting market growth. All this being said, how do you ensure you get the best ROI and ROAS for a given marketing campaign?

ShopAdvisor enables ad-tech providers to deliver more relevant messaging with more precise geo-targeting and contextual insight to drive more traffic and eventual purchases online and in-store. The key factors are that we direct the ad only to users near the store location as well as power a store locator showing store locations near the user. ShopAdvisor’s API is used by our AdTech partners to tailor and target ad content to users based on their location by providing complete information for 1000’s of retailer physical locations.

The ShopAdvisor API can:

  • Deliver a list of physical locations for specified retailers within a specified geofenced area
  • Specify user location either by zip code or latitude/longitude
  • Dynamically return location information to the ads including the store name (including local variants), the complete address, the phone number, hours of operations, and the distance from the user
  • Covers 1000’s of North American retailers. Retailers not in our inventory (including international retailer locations) can be added with a small setup fee or you can provide us with the location information.
  • Deliver results using an HTTP based API for real-time targeting. Results can also be supplied in batch mode with updates at specified periods

Through dozens of campaigns with car dealerships, restaurants, department stores, and more, we have carefully curated our API to be able to adapt and work with various different industries at their physical locations. If you’re looking to drive customers to your grocery store to buy food, or to your dealership for a holiday deal, then look no further than ShopAdvisor. Here are some examples of the brands and retailers that we’ve worked with recently:

So if you are looking for a partner to make your campaigns more effective in reaching consumers with the right offer at the right time, then please give us a call to see how ShopAdvisor can help.

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