Attend a webinar on June 13th hosted by ShopAdvisor with guest speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst, Rusty Warner, to uncover the key pieces that go into an effective proximity marketing campaign and ways to reach mobile shoppers at the right time and place in today’s evolving retail landscape.

Reaching shoppers in today’s online and offline retail landscape can often feel like an enormous puzzle sitting right in front of you. The pieces are all there. The image on the box shows you what you want to achieve. But, putting the puzzle together can be a frustrating experience filled with mis-steps, trying to force pieces that don’t fit together, and thinking that there must be something missing.

Like solving a puzzle, assembling a successful proximity marketing campaign that will drive shoppers into stores involves patience, strategy, and many pieces. Generic push notifications and standard demographics are just your corner pieces – basic, bare and easy to identify. So, what goes into the middle of the puzzle to make the picture complete? To reach the always-connected consumer today, pieces like real-time interaction management, contextualization and product availability intelligence, to name a few, are some of the key connector pieces that will make your campaigns take shape to form a beautiful picture that connects your brand with your target audience.

From attending this webinar you’ll learn:
●     How context drives richer customer experiences
●     Why real-time interaction management is a critical technology trend to master
●     The four key pieces of intelligence that make great campaigns
●     Real examples of brands and retailers who are putting the puzzle pieces together and successfully connecting with consumers

Who: ShopAdvisor’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Bill McLaughlin, and guest Forrester Principal Analyst, Rusty Warner

When: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 11AM (EDT)

Where: Register at

Contact: Bill McLaughlin bill(at)shopadvisor(dot)com



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