ShopAdvisor and EVOS Restaurants announced today the launch of a campaign designed to engage consumers in the Tampa/St. Petersburg and Miami areas with special offers that promote healthier eating. A culmination point of the campaign will be on Earth Day, Monday, April 22nd, when EVOS will celebrate by giving any consumer entering one of its four locations a free homemade organic milkshake. The campaign will feature many EVOS menu offerings delivered via contextually relevant ads to consumers phones and tablets with specific instructions on how to get to the EVOS location nearest them for purchase.

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“Since 1994, EVOS has been serving delicious All American food, but without the guilt or after effects.  They are one of the industry’s trailblazers by using airbaking instead of deep frying, resulting in 60% less fat & calories, but with 100% full flavor. EVOS was created to be a place where you can feel great about yourself and the world around you.  We make our food with clean ingredients, not cheap ingredients. Plus it’s not just great clean food we’re committed to, but being mindful of the planet and making a difference. For example, our packaging is made with sustainable materials and even our gift cards are made from recycled credit cards,” said Michael Jeffers, Co-Founder of EVOS. “This partnership with ShopAdvisor will enable us to expose our brand to more consumers and entice them to eat healthier.”





ShopAdvisor has worked closely with EVOS’ executive team in defining the campaigns many attributes including which meal combinations to offer and when, audience targeting, geofencing the locations, creating the rich media promotions and calls to action for the consumer including getting directions and landing pages for more information and options.

“EVOS is a tremendous restaurant brand with earned prominence in and around the Tampa and Miami Florida areas. We’ve really curated this campaign to capture the energy and feel of EVOS, and put that into motion attracting diners to the wonderful menu options that they offer,” said Jeff Papows, ShopAdvisor’s CEO. “We look forward to a successful venture that will really be highlighted by EVOS’ Earth Day promotion with an incredible offer at each of their four locations in Florida.”

ShopAdvisor has been working with QSRs and fast-casual restaurants to create end-to-end campaigns that engage customers on their mobile devices, to drive traffic to targeted restaurants in geo-fenced areas. Some of the elements include ShopAdvisor’s intelligent audience targeting, ads that really engage the consumer, and drive-to-location guidance. The ads are designed to entice specific customer segments based on contextual aspects of the targeted demographics in addition to certain times during the week.

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