Attend a webinar on October 10th, hosted by ShopAdvisor with guest speaker and Price Patrol CEO & Founder, Vince Marconi, to discuss the importance of data in the world of fast moving consumer goods and how to measure campaign effectiveness through a comprehensive sales lift analysis.

Vince Marconi, Price Patrol CEO & Founder

It’s an inescapable fact that smartphones and shopping related apps are reshaping how consumers find, evaluate and purchase products. The ability of brands and retailers to provide shoppers with personalized experiences via an app has become an essential component of an omni channel marketing strategy. At the heart of this is data — the information that shapes and contextualizes how products are presented to shoppers at precisely the right time and location, which creates the highest probability that the shopper will either buy online, buy online and pick up in store or buy in the store.

It may sound straight forward, but the process of intelligently contextualizing product offerings and delivering it to shopper via an app requires some sophisticated behind the scenes orchestration. ShopAdvisor achieves this through a combination of rich product data, analytics and a powerful yet easy to use API which delivers this information to the app. By using an API that is loaded with valuable data such as specific product information — description, images, pricing, etc.–  whether an item is in stock, and how much of an item is at a given store, brands and retailers can then provide customers with the most comprehensive and up to the minute information on the items that they want and need.

A very successful example of this is how ShopAdvisor and Price Patrol work together to provide shoppers with the most accurate and contextualized experience that not only guides shoppers during campaigns, but results in significant measurement information that becomes valuable analytics for future campaigns. Price Patrol, the one stop shopping discovery and price alert web and mobile application, does all the hard work of deal searching for the shopper. By constantly scanning a growing number of over 20 million items at over 120,000 retail locations, they find the best prices on the items you desire and empower retailers to drive those shoppers into brick & mortar stores.

From attending this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The importance of product data and location in creating an engaging shopping experience
  • The method in which Price Patrol leverages the ShopAdvisor API to power their app and provide other pertinent information
  • How ShopAdvisor’s data and API make it easy for companies to deliver product rich information to shoppers in relevant locations
  • The type of contextualized data accessed and returned via the ShopAdvisor API

Who: ShopAdvisor’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Bill McLaughlin, and guest speaker Price Patrol’s CEO & Founder, Vince Marconi

When: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 1PM (EDT)

Where: Register at

Contact: Bill McLaughlin


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