How Stores, QSR, and Fast Casual Restaurants can get their share of Cinco de Mayo “Celebratores” through Mobile Marketing Campaigns


Cinco de Mayo has become a national celebration in the U.S. even though it originated in Mexico. It is the annual celebration on the 5th of May to commemorate Mexico’s unlikely victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. The story of triumph and being the underdog who came out on top, is a tremendous point of pride for those of Mexican heritage. In the U.S. it has become a celebration of Mexican-American culture, with many people taking part in festivities and/or celebrating with Mexican-cuisine and drinks. With that comes consumers looking to pick up ingredients for their favorite dishes and cocktails or researching the best spots to celebrate with friends and family.

With Cinco de Mayo falling on a Saturday this year, you can bet that celebrations will be ramped up a notch or two. This makes it an opportunity rich event to attract consumers with offers that will drive them to supermarkets and ethnic grocery stores or to one of their favorite Mexican restaurants. Places like On The Border, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Chipotle, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Baja Fresh, Chuy’s, El Pollo Loco, and more, which offer both dine-in and take-out options, will be competing for their fair share of consumers. And it’s not just a great opportunity for Mexican restaurants. Other QSR and Fast Casual establishments will be touting their margarita and mexican dish specials. The bottom line is events like Cinco de Mayo present digital marketers with tremendous opportunities to engage consumers with contextually relevant offers on their smartphones to ensure that they are getting their fair share of these “celebradores.”

For instance, as many of these quick-service restaurants are located in populated areas around other stores, they are the perfect environment to geofence around in order to engage nearby consumers and to send them offers and deals from the local restaurants, grocery and liquor stores to their smartphones. For these QSR and Fast Casual restaurants the opportunity is particularly valuable because once you garner the attention of a consumer who is looking for a bite, odds are that when once they enter your location, they aren’t leaving without buying a drink or a meal. But whether it’s an in-store special or BOGO promotion, ShopAdvisor can help any marketer deliver that special offer or message to the consumer’s smartphone that will bring them to the door.

Looking for suggestions on what to eat or drink this Saturday? Check out this list from Food & Wine which provides you with what is available at many of these chains for Cinco de Mayo.

At Home

Now if you’re someone who prefers to bring the meal or the party to your home, there are still plenty of options on things to buy to get you in the spirit of the holiday. Almost every grocery store around carries brands that we relate to Cinco de Mayo because of their origins in Mexico or that they are Mexican cuisine, including Corona, Dos Equis, Tostitos, Old El Paso, Jose Cuervo, Patron, as well as many salsas, guacamoles, tortillas, and more. Many of these are staples not only in grocery stores with specific aisles being exclusive to them but have become everyday food that some Americans shop for on a regular basis. Yet, Cinco de Mayo presents a unique opportunity not only to market these brands and foods during a time when many consumers will be shopping exclusively for them but to create tremendous brand awareness and make it something they want to buy year round. Have a coupon that consumer can use on your products or a new variation of a product on the shelf? ShopAdvisor can bring that directly to shopper’s mobile devices both in and outside of the store itself. This is a very effective way to boost sales around the holiday and get your brand moving in the right direction for the upcoming summer season.

Liquor stores and grocery stores which sell alcohol also have a great opportunity to push products and brands, including some which do not receive much recognition outside of Cinco de Mayo. We all know that Corona and certain tequilas sell throughout the year regardless of context, but the lesser known brands like Tecate and Modelo Beer can be marketed towards an audience that is looking for something a bit more authentic or who just want to try something new instead of the same Cinco de Mayo menu they’ve gone with in the past. Additionally, tequila brands which many consumers purchase to put in their margarita mix can be marketed at this time of year with the hope of catching on before heading into summer when Margarita consumption is at its peak.

Finally, don’t forget about other CPG’s such as appliances like blenders which are exactly what mom needs to whip up her favorite frozen margaritas and crush that ice much better than the old one she’s had for years. Or fun decorations in party stores that people are looking to decorate their house with ahead of the big party they’re having on Saturday night. The possibilities of items to market for home consumption are plentiful; now you just have to put these capabilities into motion and get these offers in front of consumers who are at a crossroads of deciding which store to go into or which product to buy.

It’s one thing if you have a sign on the shelf in-store where your product is, but imagine how many eyes you can get on that same product if you could put that sign on mobile devices in a 5 5-mile radius. ShopAdvisor’s mobile proximity marketing capabilities can boost sales at retail locations nationwide, and bring customers into your restaurant who are looking to grab a bite. Take your marketing campaign to new heights and overcome the odds this Cinco de Mayo en route to having your best summer yet.

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