March Madness is in full swing with the Sweet 16 games having just tipped off, following a week of some crazy buzzer beaters and upsets. Chances are that like most of us, your brackets are busted. We’ve seen the first ever 16 seed beating a 1 seed, other favorites like Arizona, Michigan State, Xavier, and the defending champs UNC all going down, and more unpredictable results left and right that no one saw coming. The beauty of this time of year is the unfolding of Cinderella stories, dark horse teams making a run, comebacks and collapses, and the fact that every single team has a chance to win it, no matter how small a school or unheard of a program it may be.

16 seed UMBC pulls off the first ever upset over 1 seeded Virginia







Syracuse Orange Men’s Head Coach, Jim Boeheim




Being a Syracuse alum, I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs during March Madness, but with the Orange in the Sweet 16 this year and having pulled off a few upset wins already, my bias is at an all time high with inflated expectations for a National Championship.



So what does March Madness and brackets have to do with proximity marketing campaigns? Nothing directly, but what they do have in common is research, planning, targeting, geographic segmentation, and of course, high expectations. Now, just because your bracket may be busted, your proximity marketing campaign doesn’t have to suffer the same fate. In fact, let’s take a look back at a successful campaign that ShopAdvisor ran with a major adult CPG beverage brand around the NCAA Tournament.

The goal of this campaign was to drive in-store sales of the beverage by complimenting a marketing campaign which included national television commercials, and social media. ShopAdvisor’s extensive product availability data for the beverage and capability to geo-fence customers around store locations of where the product was being sold, allowed us to engage with shoppers via ads on their smartphones and encourage them to purchase the beverage as part of their shopping experience.

The results exceeded expectations, delivering nearly 4 million impressions in just four weeks, and saw a 12.4% sales lift for a brand, which was averaging a 1% YOY sales decline. Additionally, the data ShopAdvisor gathered from the campaign was then contextualized and turned into a sales lift analysis report, which provided valuable results and a breakdown of the ROI on the entire campaign for the customer.

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Celebrations by both 11 seed Loyola Chicago after a game winning shot vs Tennesee, and Nevada who overcame a 22 pt second half deficit vs Cincinnati

So if you’re looking to avoid a that bracket busting experience with your proximity marketing campaigns, take a look at ShopAdvisor, and let’s see if we can team up to cut down the nets after a championship like run with your campaign.

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