Ask yourself. With one quarter left in 2019, are you on course to achieve the objectives of your marketing campaigns?

Have you reached the right audience? Have you engaged consumers effectively? Have you delivered the results hoped for? The answers to these questions will determine whether to stay the course or make corrections to meet your objectives and set a foundation for success in 2020.

If the answers to these questions are anything other than a resounding YES, then it’s time for you to think and act differently. It’s time to call in the experts who can help turn just satisfactory results into major success — ShopAdvisor. 

ShopAdvisor has proven itself time and time again to be a valuable partner in helping CPG brands and their agency partners improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. As proof, we’ve provided the highlights of several campaigns we’ve powered in recent months, which show what ShopAdvisor could do for you.  

ShopAdvisor worked with a major soft drink manufacturer to build awareness and drive sales of the promoted Regular and Diet beverage at a nationwide grocer. ShopAdvisor was tasked with providing a mobile proximity marketing campaign that included pre-targeting analysis, executing the digital advertisements and driving sales in the selected locations.

ShopAdvisor worked with a children’s organic healthcare product company to build awareness and consideration around 4 promoted products, as well as to drive foot traffic to select brick & mortar locations throughout several regions across the U.S. ShopAdvisor was tasked with providing a mobile proximity marketing campaign that included pre-targeting analysis, developing interactive creative, executing the digital advertisements, and driving foot traffic to selected locations.

Prenatal Vitamins and Natural Product Brand

ShopAdvisor worked with a major CPG nutritional and natural products brand to reach expecting and new mothers, in and around participating retailers. The campaign targeted shoppers in and around retailers including CVS, Shaws, Stop & Shop, and Giant nationwide.

These three examples are just a sampling of the many programs ShopAdvisor has powered for CPG brands, and are representative of the results we’ve consistently delivered for our customers. If you would like to see your company on this kind of list next year, give us a call or click here

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