About Us

Actually, it's not about us at all. It's about you.

If you could design the ultimate shopping service what would it do for you? We posed this very question to shoppers across the U.S. and then designed the shopping service they wished for.

Allow me to find items that I love, with a price I also love.

Tell me when a product is on sale, give me coupons, tailor to my likes exactly... not what the store wants me to like.

It's all about first come and best price... let me have the latest trend before anyone else and give me amazing deals.

Welcome to your ShopAdvisor

Our mission is simple. We're here to help you shop your way — intelligently, conveniently and inspired.

  • We'll help you discover the latest and greatest fashion, top rated gear, and this year's must-haves to meet your every want and need.
  • Once you discover something you like, we'll track that item for you — you'll be the first to know when it hits the shelf or goes on sale.
  • We'll even point you to the best values and deals online or around the corner, for just the things you love.

How Do We Do It?

First, we partner with experts — leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines — to help you discover the hottest new looks and products.

As you find products you love, we keep them handy for you on one convenient list you can access anytime, anywhere. So it's easy to get your friend's opinion, or pull up pictures and product details so you can find the exact match when you're in the store.

Think you might want to buy it? That's when ShopAdvisor really goes to work for you. We continually scour the web as well as local stores so you can be the first to find those hard to get items, always at the best price.

We cover more than 16,000 retailers. Here are just a few.

Everyone likes a good deal, but everyone loves it for a product or store they prefer. We tailor coupons, discounts and special offers for you, so they are actually valuable. And timing is everything, especially when you are out and about shopping. So use our app and we'll even tell you when there's a great deal just around the corner from you.