About ShopAdvisor

In 2011, the development team delivered an application for iOS based on the ShopAdvisor deferred purchasing back end platform. The iPhone application received the App Store Rewind Best Utility App of 2011. ShopAdvisor is also available as a service embedded within third party apps, including leading tablet editions of digital magazines and on web sites.

ShopAdvisor is the shopping experience company.

Using cutting edge technology, we are creating a shopping experience that is completely natural, consistent and measurable - across all forms of media - and all types of content.

At the core of our experience is the philosophy that the moment of discovery is not the moment of purchase. There’s a lot of distance between falling in love with a product and actually buying it.

You might see it in a magazine, on a website, on social media, or in a video. You become interested in it but you’re not ready to take out your wallet and buy the product right away.

Instead, you wait. Until you have enough cash. Until the price is right. Until your best friend says "you have to have that product." Until the time is right

ShopAdvisor is the only platform designed around this natural shopping behavior. Consumer’s simply "watch" products they discover and like, and they are saved to one convenient list, accessible anytime, anywhere. Later, when the time is right, ShopAdvisor reminds them - on their phone, in their email, on their tablet. That sweater is finally available in retail. That TV price is finally within your budget. That designer is offering a sample of their new fragrance.

Simple. Natural. That’s ShopAdvisor.

ShopAdvisor Board

Scott Cooper, Founder & CEO

Scott has grown a diverse set of businesses from inception to $100M+ in revenue, grown large business segments through acquisition, and built relationships with companies of all sizes. During his career he has led multi-product business units, large global development organizations, and one of the world's largest indirect channel marketing organizations. He is a pragmatic leader with a passion for identifying world-class talent and innovative business ideas that lead to value creation for shareholders.

Rob Soni, Chairman of the Board

Whether as founder, CEO or investor, Rob Soni has helped launch and build more than 30 successful start-up businesses across a range of technologies.

Bob Davoli

Bob has over 30 years of experience in the high technology industry. His ability to identify and motivate founding teams has been an essential ingredient of his investment success.