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Smashburger franchise owner, Regrub Inc., is using ShopAdvisor’s mobile marketing system to draw new customers and expand customer engagement. So far the approach is working well on both fronts.

In fact, the campaign has exceeded expectations related to meal combination promotions, hitting more than 6 million potential diners and igniting 15,000 customer engagements, according to a press release. Regrub is using ShopAdvisor at four Tampa, Florida locations.

“The mobile marketing campaign powered by ShopAdvisor has been a major step forward for us on multiple fronts,” said Regrub founder and President Tom Jones, in the release. “In addition to connecting with more customers and building brand awareness we didn’t have, we’re gaining deeper insights into our customer demographics (including) which meals are the most popular to various groups and when are the best times to catch their attention with these promotions.”

For more information regarding the technology initiative check out this case study at

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