ShopAdvisor Adds Industry Veterans to Executive Team

Bridging the gap between web commerce, proximity and retail.

For Media Partners For Brands/Retailers

ShopAdvisor: Our recent proximity-based mobile marketing campaign with Elle Magazine and four major brands/retailers achieved greater than 1,000% increases in store-visit rates over industry benchmarks!


Why ShopAdvisor

ShopAdvisor has developed and integrated all of the components to ensure readers of your content and properties find their way to the brick-and-mortar stores where the products are sold. We have the complete set of tools, technology, and data science needed to create, manage, and analyze omni-channel marketing campaigns, and have been successfully doing so in concert with a variety of the largest and most influential publishing companies for years.

Our technologies and services are modular enabling rapid development of simple, effective campaigns, with creation of more sophisticated campaigns involving use of mobile-proximity over time. And our privacy model is unparalleled: We take pains to ensure our push-notifications are delivered only with user-consent, and are chosen sparingly and with great relevance based upon observed behaviors and carefully derived insights.

From the development of native-ad campaigns to the design, deployment and management of in-store beacons, we work with you to create successful end-to-end campaigns that will deliver unprecedented results to retail and brand advertisers. With our technology and in-market experience, we can go from white-board concept to program-delivery quickly, sparing you the hassle of assembling the pieces yourself.

And in so doing, your readers will begin to understand what we’ve known for years: that what you’re providing to them is not simply an ad: it’s a service!

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