I’ve had the pleasure of advising ShopAdvisor for some time now. After a while, it became clear to me that I wanted to do more for the company. So, after consulting with the board I made the decision to come on board as CEO. And although I’ve been working with the company in that capacity for a little while now, we made it public today with this announcement.

So why did I join ShopAdvisor?

There is a massive movement afoot that is changing the dynamic between publishers, advertisers, brands and consumers. Today, literally billions of dollars are still being spent on the older paradigm of online advertising. But with marketers under increasing pressure to deliver measurable results with revenue clearly linked to their programs, they are moving to more efficient and tightly integrated marketing campaigns.  More specifically, these new initiatives combine the critical influence owned by today’s media giant’s publications, brands, celebrities and opinion makers — aka Native Content — with the omni presence and relevance of the consumer’s ubiquitous use of their smartphones.

Having spent the better part of three decades leading public, global and earlier stage software enterprises why would I invest my time now in this new transformation? A main motivator is seeing that we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift, something with which I am very familiar. In the early 1990s I witnessed and help drive the growth of the networked world and the move from synchronous to asynchronous communication as the principal business medium. We saw text, email and online collaboration replace voice as the principal business currency. I believe that the opportunities here today are equally exciting.

Personalization is the central thread making these digital transformations useful and unstoppable.  Consumers, shoppers, call them what you will, don’t want to be spammed with banner ads and broad brush stroke promotions.  They want to be advised based on a deep analytical understanding of what specifically motivates them.  The data science exists to do that extraordinarily well in today’s digital eco systems.  The link from active content, to consumer intent is easy to make, when you add proximity and opportunity to that mix you get something very transformative indeed.  This story that was published in the New York Times reveals the power and potential of this new world.  I look forward to exploring and helping drive this transformation.

There are numerous opinion leaders, objective and quantifiable trends to present and digest.  For my part I promise a thoughtful ongoing dialogue exploring what’s working and not, upheld and or debunked.  Rather than any kind of overt product bias our focus will be on what’s happening and why as opposed to any one enterprises role in it.

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