As many members of the tech community were this week, we followed along as Apple unveiled its new products. Every time Apple introduces new product developments and features, it’s an opportunity for developers and marketers to figure out how they can best take advantage of them for their own products and services.

Naturally, we thought about the implications of these announcements and what it could mean for marketers and their efforts.

Size matters

The fact that Apple introduced a smaller iPad Pro and re-introduced a smaller iPhone with the SE signals that, for many consumers, bigger isn’t always better. Many consumers don’t want to upgrade and seeing that Apple sold 30 million four-inch iPhones in 2015, marketers need to design content that works for a smaller screen, but also consider how to create experiences that still pack an impact when presented on a smaller device.

Everyone has a price

Not only did Apple release smaller sizes of the iPhone and iPad Pro that came with smaller price tags, Apple also dropped the price of its Apple Watch. A lower price point suggests that Apple is looking to entice more shoppers to try out the Watch. If the Apple Watch does gain more traction, marketers need to keep in mind that not all devices are created equal. Marketers must adjust their strategies for delivering and creating content, acknowledging the differences in the way people interact with devices on their wrists versus in their hands.

With great [processing] power comes great responsibility

Greater processing power means a greater responsibility for marketers to deliver better images, videos and media content in general. Marketers need to ensure that there is a greater richness and quality of the content landing experiences and graphics that they provide – no matter the size of the screen.

Connectivity is more important than ever

There is a greater proximity awareness in Apple’s updates, which allows for optimum use of devices in integrating location-based technologies. For marketers, this increases the ability to connect and leverage proximity, and is yet another reason why you should start hopping on the proximity marketing bandwagon.

With every new tech announcement – be it Apple or otherwise – marketers should be considering how the updated products and services will impact audiences. By following these developments and understanding their potential uses, you can greater motivate your audience and connect with them in a meaningful way.

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