Last week, we hosted a webinar on how ShopAdvisor’s acquisition of Retailigence changes the game in proximity marketing. For those of you who were unable to attend, we’ve highlighted a few key points from the presentation:

Who’s coming together in this acquisition?

You know ShopAdvisor as a leader in proximity marketing analytics and mobile shopping. As a data-driven content experience provider, ShopAdvisor captures signals at the point of product discovery to optimize, personalize and localize the consumer path-to-purchase. With the acquisition, we’re welcoming Retailigence’s capabilities into the ShopAdvisor ecosystem. Retailigence is an online-to-offline marketing platform for driving product sales in-store, improving path-to-purchase marketing metrics and user experiences by leveraging product and brand availability inside more than 200,000 retail locations. It’s certainly an organic and symbiotic match – with the potential for some really great things.

How does this change ShopAdvisor’s services?

We’re excited about the capabilities we’ll be able to offer our customers. ShopAdvisor has been studying the relationship between context (where the user is online and offline) and products (what the user is looking at and interacting with) and what that relationship means. We already have a contextual understanding of shoppers, their product interests and their locations.  Adding Retailigence’s capabilities gives us immediate access millions more products across hundreds of thousands retail locations, thereby expanding the amount of consumer insight that ShopAdvisor can now collect.

How can it benefit you and your business?

Whether you’re a publisher, retailer, brand, agency, mall property, or ad-tech provider, ShopAdvisor provides a myriad of benefits to its customers:

  • Better consumer targeting
  • Greater consumer insight
  • Greater contextual insight (on both location and shoppers)
  • More precise geo-targeting
  • Customizable, end-to-end solution, utilizing the ShopAdvisor platform’s intelligence

For more information about the webinar or acquisition, send us an email at

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