ShopAdvisor welcomes former Toys R Us and Hasbro executive and current CEO of Kindara, Ira Hernowitz, for an informative webinar about the importance of the week after Christmas. For most retailers it’s the second highest revenue producing week of the year, making it a critical time for driving shoppers into brick-and-mortar locations using mobile proximity marketing programs.

If you’re like me, your day starts with a cup of Joe and an endless array of news feeds. Recently, my social media channels have been flooded with Black Friday reports from David Kaplan of GeoMarketing, Cyber Monday statistics from, and week before Christmas shopping predictions that seem to get even crazier each year. Don’t get me wrong, as a marketer, I love these stories. They inspire me to think creatively and give me the opportunity to do what I love. However, right about now, I am on Christmas data overload and I haven’t even put up my Christmas tree yet!

what-santa-forgot-squareWe tend to hear so much hype around what brands, retailers and shoppers can expect in the weeks leading up to Christmas that we often forget to examine the immense opportunity that lies in the immediate post-holiday time frame. At ShopAdvisor, we see the week after Christmas as a gold mine for the retail industry.

With returns, exchanges, gift cards, blowout sales and foot traffic at their highest, we believe that keeping the holiday spirit alive can actually create a springboard effect into the new year. Rather than thinking of the week after Christmas as a time to move inventory quickly off the shelves, brands and retailers should be thinking smarter about what they can do to get their share of year-end revenue and secure the loyalty of existing customers, as well as win over new ones. By employing mobile proximity marketing programs, retail marketers can get more bang for their marketing buck and ring in the new year with with innovative mobile marketing, digital advertising and consumer engagement strategies.

ira_1_150jpgForget Santa Claus and Christmas. We give you Ira Hernowitz and a webinar! Who better to chat clicks-to-bricks with than a man who’s been at the forefront of marketing and business development for big name brands and retailers such as Toys R Us, Stride Rite, and Hasbro? Ira may not be Santa Claus, but he’s ready to “gift us” with his years of experience in integrated consumer marketing, retail strategy, sales, product development and brand building. Not to mention, he has a real passion and skill for leading companies into successful outcomes.

“Ira is a stellar marketer and overall business person. He fully understands and is adept at driving the business forward in a manner that builds the brand and that creates value for his customers and the company. He also is a highly effective leader who can inspire his associates and build an organization.”–Frank P Bifulco Jr, EVP Global Marketing, Staples

So, if you are a brand or retail executive, marketing guru, agency account rep, or even a small business owner, we encourage you to grab your hot chocolate and join us for a unique learning experience on Tuesday, December 6th at 1:30pm.

In a half-hour, we will cover:

  • The evolving nature of shopping and shoppers
  • Post-holiday shopping trends and opportunities
  • What you need to know about today’s omnichannel shopper
  • Three drive-to-store opportunities to capitalize on
  • What brands & retailers need to be thinking about after Christmas
  • The data and contextual experiences needed to speed shopper’s path to purchase
  • Three examples of making proximity marketing work for you

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