In this post we’re previewing our webinar featuring Nielsen, the global information, data, and measurement leader. To illustrate the timeliness of what will be covered in the webinar we came across quite a few stories this week that also speak to the significance of contextualized data as brands and retailers strive to deliver experiences to consumers that will drive them into physical retail locations.

The overarching theme we’re seeing is the importance leveraging the mobile experience to facilitate the online to offline shopping experience. Being able to search and find a product online or on your mobile device first makes a difference in terms of where shoppers will head to in that moment of need. Here’s a case in point. A story from David Kaplan of which examined more than 300 million shoppers on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, broke down “the preferences and motivations” of over 6,000 shoppers across six countries in addition to dozens of interviews with retail experts in technology and customer experience. One of the key findings is that the majority of young shoppers still prefer to make their purchases in the store, but use their phone as a starting point and aide throughout the process.

“About 58 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds globally prefer the physical store shopping experience to digital shopping, says Salesforce’s Rick Kenney.”

Among the other key findings of the report:

  • Fresh products in-store are very important: shoppers who prefer the digital and the physical channel agree: 67 percent / 74 percent are more likely to visit physical stores when there are new products
  • 79 percent of shoppers want to leave the physical store with a product in-hand
  • POV: stores are an important channel particularly for brands competing against Amazon

We can see that while eCommerce giants like Amazon attempt to break into the sphere of fast-moving consumer goods, physical retail stores still reign supreme, even among millennials. While the initial search may begin online or via a mobile device, the point-of-sale is completed in store.

When looking at an article from Andria Cheng of, when it comes to traditional department stores, more shoppers want to feel that they scored a bargain, rather than buy a name brand at full price. And it’s not just department stores. Retailers like Target are also expanding their smaller concepts like ‘CityTarget’ in major cities across the US. All of these strategies and re-branding methods may seem like desperation, but retailers like TJ Maxx, Zara, Sephora, and others, show that customers will still resonate with physical stores that combine great features and benefits for the shopper. Loyalty programs, discounted boutique sections, and open-sell and self-service areas are just some examples of how these retailers are evolving to ensure that they are not left behind in the ever-changing world of omnichannel retail.

“We believe that can lower costs and also improve brick-and-mortar traffic at the same time,” Kohl’s CEO Kevin Mansell said Thursday. “We believe that physical stores are a source of strength in an omnichannel world.”

With this in mind, let’s shift gears and discuss how ShopAdvisor has used its partnership with Nielsen to streamline campaigns in order to make it simple and easy for customers to locate products and complete their shopping by starting on their mobile devices and ending at the register in-store.

“The Nielsen Connected Partner Program has enabled ShopAdvisor to provide its FMCG customers with deeper insights into product availability and sales lift within the mobile proximity campaigns we power through our platform,” said Bill McLaughlin, SVP Sales and Marketing. “Working with Nielsen, we have developed new services which enable our customers to better optimize their campaign ad spend, make smarter in-flight adjustments, and measure results showing more granular details on actual sales lift and return on ad spend (ROAS).”

“The Nielsen Connected Partner Program has enabled ShopAdvisor to provide its FMCG customers with deeper insights into product availability and sales lift within the mobile proximity campaigns we power through our platform,” -Bill McLaughlin, SVP Sales and Marketing

With ShopAdvisor and Nielsen working together via their Connected Partner Program, we have brought our data alongside Nielsen’s to enable smarter mobile marketing campaigns with measurable ROI. When paired together, this data can customize messaging and targeting based on the specific interests and location of the shopper. The combination creates compelling drive-to-store campaigns with meaningful impact to the customers bottom line, and results in the most extensive and specified sales lift analysis following a brand or agency’s campaign. This invaluable information provides analytics which show the effectiveness of a campaign and helps to shape the approach of future campaigns based on which stores or areas performed better than others.

We are thrilled to have Nielsen VP of Product Leadership, Connected Partner Program, Brett Jones as our guest speaker, as he will discuss the Nielsen Connected Partner Program as well as touch upon the experiences from his end on how FMCG are evolving via retail and the various outlets that are being created for consumers to get the everyday products that they need.

So please sign up for the webinar on Aug 22 featuring Nielsen, and stay tuned for more updates from ShopAdvisor as we near the date.

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