When working with clients, we often field questions about proximity marketing and what makes the ShopAdvisor platform different. When considering these two things – both separately and together – we thought it might be worth posting on what makes our platform unique, especially in a rapidly evolving industry.

Let’s start with the supposition that “proximity” i.e., location awareness, is moving quickly towards commoditization. There’s a blog post from Unacast/Proxbook that does an excellent job of laying out the evolution of proximity marketing and why location awareness has matured to a tipping point where it’s becoming a table-stakes commodity.

One notable quote from their post sums up what’s happening quite succinctly:

 “It is hard to say what is the next technology that will take the customer experience further and beyond. But one thing is for sure; it is going to be all about timely, relevant and personal communication – delivering the true potential of proximity marketing.”

Our position is that the ShopAdvisor Platform can deliver on the next thing that will dramatically improve the customer experience and fulfill the true potential of proximity marketing. We’ve thought about this a lot and here is a short list of the things we can do with our platform that makes us unique:


  • Product Intelligence — We have real-time knowledge on product details and availability on over 200M products across hundreds of thousands of retail locations. This product information is constantly updated and the numbers are growing every day. This is crucial in knowing that a mobile proximity campaign will drive customers to stores where the products they want will actually be. But there are many other uses for this as well. For example, you can use this information in advance of a campaign to pre-screen where products are and then construct the campaign around that availability, ensuring things like mobile ad buys are appropriately targeted.
  • Context Intelligence — This is intricately linked to Product Intelligence and Shopper Intelligence. Context can include things like location, time of day, weather, distance, traffic and much more. When integrated with Product and Shopper Intelligence, we can customize proximity campaign elements such as landing pages, mobile ads and push messages that engage the shopper and motivate them to go to the store and purchase the product. But what’s also compelling is that the impact can go beyond that. It can provide a level of service that differentiates a brand or a retailer to help them build customer loyalty and strengthen the brand’s reputation.
  • Shopper Intelligence — Through our extensive AppNetwork, we are constantly collecting shopper profiles and signals on their activities, which enables us to understand things such as shopping habits, brand affinities and more. Again, when this information is integrated with Product Intelligence and Context Intelligence, we can deliver an experience that is perfectly tuned to each shopper’s interests.
  • The ShopAdvisor Platform is open and a self-learning system that gets smarter each time more data and signals are encountered.

We believe that each of these components taken individually can improve the effectiveness of any mobile proximity marketing campaign — but when taken together, it can be a game changer. It’s like the old saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s exciting to be at the forefront of an industry where changes are happening every day and we have the opportunity to help other businesses find solutions to challenges such as driving consumers into stores, gathering greater insight into shoppers, or connecting the offline and online shopping experiences. If you’re interested in learning more about the ShopAdvisor Platform and what it can do for you, send us a message at contact@shopadvisor.com.

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