We’re talking blending content and commerce, how far data goes in understanding fashion consumers, and “location, location, location” for this week’s installment of the Aggregate:

  • How Harper’s Bazaar gets its readers to shop” by Hilary Milnes via Digiday
    Publishers are increasingly looking for ways to drive more commerce, shopping, and maybe most importantly, additional revenue through their editorial content. Harper’s Bazaar is one such publisher, taking the plunge with its online store, ShopBazaar.com, which launched in 2012 and has since expanded thanks to more resources and shoppable content. Milnes talks about how Bazaar and others in the industry are attempting to blend content with commerce, and drive digital growth.
  • Data Alone Can’t Decode the Fashion Consumer” by Tracy Sun via Business of Fashion
    The fashion shopper is a powerful one – but is data alone enough to understand and decipher consumers’ buying behavior? Sun (co-founder of Poshmark) poses this very question and argues that while data and algorithms have offered increased consumer insight and personalization capabilities, those things alone cannot define nor capture the “style” aspect of fashion. There’s hope though – Sun says leveraging both data and people is key to ushering in a better experience for consumers.
  • Location, Location, Location (Part 1)” by Tod Szewczyk via Leo Burnett
    Szewczyk reminds us that location is more important than ever – not just with phones, but with wearables communicating our location to the apps and technologies they’re connected to. In part one of a two-part series, Szewczyk shares examples of how location is being used in out-of-home settings, and chats about the value for both marketers and consumers, if executed successfully.
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