This week for the Aggregate: Series 2, we’ve been reading and chatting about location-based technology and media trends:

  • GeoMarketing 101: What Is Geofencing?” by Lauryn Chamberlain via GeoMarketing
    If you’ve been following the rise of location-based technologies, then you’ve probably heard the term “geofencing” before. Chamberlain gives a great quick overview that also includes practical application for integrating geofencing into marketing strategies, and a ShopAdvisor shout-out.
  • Beacons vs. Geofencing, Which Way to Go?” by Oleg Morajko via Proxbook
    So now that you’re more familiar with the technologies, which one do you choose? Morajko outlines the differences between beacons and geofencing by defining the two, discussing their features, and then, most helpfully, sharing use cases. These examples and recommended solutions provide a greater depth to the “beacons vs. geofences” question.
  • State of the Media 2016 Report” via Cision
    That mobile compatibility is one of the most important trends is no surprise – but what we found interesting is that though 92% of media organizations have adopted or are in the process of adopting a mobile-compatible design, the experience still leaves something to be desired. We also found the dissonance between the media’s attitudes toward and actual usage of native advertising to be intriguing – especially considering how paid coverage was reported as a struggle for many communication professionals.
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