At ShopAdvisor, we strive to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry. We chat with customers, monitor social media, follow breaking news and more to stay up-to-date on developments in the mobile proximity marketing world. So, we’ve decided to aggregate a selection of stories that we’ll share regularly on the blog, based on what people in our office are chatting about, sharing on Slack, and discussing over burritos. We’re interested to hear what you think. We also encourage you to point out articles that you think are worth sharing and discussing.

  • Google Says Search Intent Matters More for Marketers Than Users’ Identity” by Marty Swant via AdWeek
    This story says you could be missing as much as 70% of potential mobile shoppers if you’re not looking at search intent. We couldn’t agree more, considering that looking at purchase intent (what users are liking, researching, and adding to their watchlists) can provide invaluable information for brands and retailers that could later prove useful in a push for drive-to-store campaigns.
  • 5 Common Misconceptions About Beacons and Proximity Marketing” by Romet Kallas via Unacast
    Proximity marketing can often get a bad rap for things like privacy issues, obtrusiveness into everyday life, and lack of ease of integration with various platforms. Kallas addresses these most talked about misconceptions regarding beacons and proximity marketing.
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