The end of the year always brings with it reflection – what have we accomplished? What did we hope to do that is still left unfinished? What will we resolve to accomplish next year? Only a mere few days before 2016 arrives, the New York Times has seemingly offered us some insight into those very questions of self-reflection, with their feature on our proximity marketing campaign with ELLE Magazine.

Glenn Rifkin’s article discusses a ShopAdvisor success that certainly was a defining moment of our 2015 — launching the ShopNow! with ELLE drive-to-store program, utilizing beacons and geo-fences to drive consumers into brick-and-mortar stores. Rifkin highlighted ShopAdvisor’s innovation in the proximity marketing space, one that is not merely a solution to publisher’s revenues woes or to retailers’ charge to get consumers into stores, but is instead, one that leverages data science to produce smart, valuable, and successful proximity marketing, generating greater success than traditional marketing methods.

The article goes on to discuss some more of the intricacies of the ShopNow! with ELLE program, walking readers through how the campaign works from a user-standpoint and offering testimonials from partners involved, such as Kevin O’Malley, ELLE’s senior vice president and publisher, and Leah Robert from Vince Camuto.

Ultimately, Rifkin’s feature sets the bar for our 2016 — energizing us not only to match the success of the ELLE campaign for others, but also to continue to innovate in the capabilities of proximity marketing to deliver greater value to consumers, media, and brands alike. Stay tuned for much more to come from ShopAdvisor in 2016.

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