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Following our webinar earlier this week, where we discussed how contextualized data and our API powers mobile apps and campaigns, we had the pleasure of speaking with Vince Marconi, Price Patrol CEO & Founder, discussing how his innovative app leverages ShopAdvisor’s data, as well as his thoughts on the ever evolving industry of brick-and-mortar shopping.

Q: Being an app company, but working exclusively in the sphere of physical retail, what are your thoughts on the future of the industry?

A: All the data that we’re seeing really proves that brick-and-mortar retail, while it’s an industry that’s in need of some serious changes, is very much alive and still makes up 80% of retail with a lot of opportunity in this space. We’re optimistic about what lies ahead, but continue to innovate our app and capabilities to bring consumers the best product to guide their shopping experience.

Q: Tell us about Price Patrol and your new and upcoming feature, FOOTRAFFIC

A: Price Patrol is our mobile app, the consumer facing app, and is leveraged with the ShopAdvisor API. Price Patrol is the app that the consumer uses to search for products near them, to save products to a distance and cost-sensitive wishlist that we call our “radar”, which allows users to monitor all the stores that they pass by nationwide for products that they’re looking to purchase. Our app sends them notifications when they’re within a certain distance that the consumer has determined they’d be willing to travel, as well as a price point.

“We’ve got a very valuable way for users to put all of these products into a wishlist, and passively shop every store you’re driving past, which has been very well received with over 100,000 downloads of the app.”

Vince Marconi, CEO & Founder of Price Patrol

So out of that, we’ve seen a need to create a B2B product for the retailers, the brands, the malls, etc, so that they can interact in a real time way with those shoppers that are physically near their stores and incentivize them to make purchases at their brick-and-mortar locations. It’s an opportunity to continue to engage with those shoppers that are near their stores, specifically when they’re shopping for products that they have in stock. We’re matching real time availability which leads to a very powerful experience for both the shopper and the retailer, and we’re really excited about going live with our beta version in about four weeks.

Q: How does the process work from start to finish for both the consumer and the retailer?

A: We take the longitude and latitude of that device, matched with the keyword, and we query the ShopAdvisor API while at the same time we take that and algorithmically put it through our back-end where retailers and brands have created these custom offers. Those two are then merged and the offers are sent with the real time availability results to that shopper who can then make decisions based on what the best offer is and how far away those products are from where they are standing. Both sides really win here, so its an opportunity for both the consumer and the retailer to create a transaction that may not have happened without this system. The retailer of course gets the foot traffic they’re in such desperate need of, and they have an opportunity to up-sell that consumer once they’re in the store via the app, and the consumer gets instant gratification while also the chance to feel and touch a product they wouldn’t be able to do with online shopping.

Q: Finally, how does ShopAdvisor come into the equation here and assist in powering Price Patrol?

A: We’re able to leverage data that on items that we show across our app, via a query to the ShopAdvisor API. The result of this is real-time location on products that the consumers are searching for, as well as layering in these contextually aware discount campaigns that are a real game changer. If you look at this image to the right, it provides a screen shot of our app with items that use ShopAdvisor’s API to provide all of that relevant information the shopper needs.



ShopAdvisor enables agencies, brands, retailers, shopping malls and media to power shopping experiences that drive consumers path to purchase in brick-and-mortar locations. The ShopAdvisor Platform continually collects contextualized product, shopper and location data and applies deep analytics to deliver each shopper a uniquely personalized shopping experience that spans from point of discovery to in store. Additionally the ShopAdvisor API provides real-time data on product availability as well as quantity and variations of items across retailers nationwide. Some of our customers include Walgreens, Dell, Snapple, Hefty, DelMonte, Canada Dry, Maty’s, Dole, Anheuser Busch, and Pepsico. To learn more about our intelligence platform and proximity marketing services, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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