Proxbook’s Q3 State of the Proximity Industry came out this week and we at ShopAdvisor always look forward to seeing what it reveals.

In addition to updating us on general market trends and stats, Proxbook takes a deeper dive into a specific industry to examine how proximity marketing is progressing there. This time they looked at transportation and airports and and the findings are pretty impressive. Turns out that airports are really a great environment for proximity marketing. They’re like perfect petri dishes where all the elements come together to provide a place where proximity marketing can develop and flourish.


So what makes them so great? Here are some of Proxbook’s findings:

  • U.S. airports have more visitors annually than retailers, theme parks and stadiums combined.
  • 89% of air travelers are carrying smartphones and are using them to help with ticketing, finding gates, locating shops and restaurants, tracking luggage and more.
  • 35% of the top 25 U.S. airports have beacons deployed and 84% of airports are planning more sensor deployments over the next 3 years.
  • 50% of airports view proximity as opening up new revenue streams for them and their tenants.

In addition to these overall stats the report provided some great case studies on proximity implementations in airports around the world, including Brussels. Munich, Boryspil and San Diego.

From an overall proximity market perspective the numbers continue to go up.  In Q3, sensor deployment by the companies followed by Proxbook grew 42% over Q2.


In addition to continued infrastructure growth products and services are increasing as well.  We’re happy to say that holds true for us as we’ve continued to grow, adding customers from many new segments within retail and CPG.  Proxbook’s findings echo what we’re seeing by reporting that proximity advertising networks — enabling 3rd party brand to deliver hyperlocal, targeted promotions and offers — is the area with the most growth.

So what do we learn from this report? Well, the obvious answer is proximity marketing is really taking off.  Bad pun I know. But we think its more than that. We think the underlying message is that the possibilities for proximity marketing are boundless and we’re just starting to scratch the surface.

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