Data and API

Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence comes from ingesting information from hundreds of retail and data partner sources and then merging, categorizing and standardizing complex product data.

Gain a deep understanding of products in the marketplace – such as where the products are available for purchase, how much they cost, and how they relate to competitive items – to mount successful marketing strategies

Context Intelligence

Context Intelligence is the collection and cataloging of millions of contextual data points including everything from local product inventory and store locations to trending products featured on the pages of your favorite magazines and websites.

Understand the relationship between a shopper’s current context and the products and messaging to better engage the shopper with the right message at the right time at the right location.

Shopper Intelligence

Shopper Intelligence captures signals from the products and brands consumers interact with across hundreds of magazines, mobile apps, and websites that ShopAdvisor’s technology is embedded in.

Better target users, but also better personalize experiences to maximize engagement with greater insight from consumer interactions.

We’re excited to announce Version 3.0 of the ShopAdvisor API, which is a major upgrade from previous versions. Version 3.0 is up to ten times faster, more efficient, and more accurate in returning the information that will power your mobile marketing campaigns.

The ShopAdvisor Product Search API enables developers to make a wide variety of online-to-offline retailer oriented queries. Typical use cases include:

  • Searching for products sold at nearby store locations
  • Checking the current availability of products at a specific store location
  • Listing nearby retailers that sell specific products, and
  • Returning product and related location information

The information accessed and return via the ShopAdvisor API include:

  • Product information for retailers and store locations carrying products matching your search query criteria (keyword, barcode, etc.).
  • Retailers and store locations carrying products matching your search query criteria (keyword, barcode, etc). This is perfectly suited for store location finders.
  • Local availability information for a product at a retail location
  • Reports five possible user actions including show results, contact the store, view location details, view product details, and view retailer details.

In addition to making our searches faster and more accurate, and we’ve expanded our product catalog and availability data. ShopAdvisor can provide data from a vast array of retailers spanning big box retailers, traditional retailers, grocery stores, pharmacies and more. Some of these include but are not limited to Ace Hardware, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Sam’s Club, The Home Depot, and Walgreens. The categories of products ShopAdvisor can search for cover:


Animals and Pet Supplies Apparel and Accessories
Arts and Entertainment Baby & Toddler
Business and Industry Camera and Optics
Electronics Food, Beverage and Tobacco
Furniture Hardware
Health and Beauty Home and Garden
Luggage and Bags Mature
Media Office Supplies
Software Sporting Goods
Toys and Games Vehicles and Parts

To obtain the ShopAdvisor API and associated documentation, please register here:

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