Our Platform

ShopAdvisor provides the data, tools, technology, and data science needed to create, manage, and analyze drive-to-store campaigns. ShopAdvisor’s technology platform is a self-learning system comprised of three modular and complementary components – Product Intelligence, Context Intelligence, Shopper Intelligence – uniquely designed to facilitate the mobile shoppers’ path to purchase in brick-and-mortar stores.

Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence comes from ingesting information from hundreds of retail and data partner sources and then merging, categorizing and standardizing complex product data.

Gain a deep understanding of products in the marketplace – such as where the products are available for purchase, how much they cost, and how they relate to competitive items – to mount successful marketing strategies

Context Intelligence

Context Intelligence is the collection and cataloging of millions of contextual data points including everything from local product inventory and store locations to trending products featured on the pages of your favorite magazines and websites.

Understand the relationship between a shopper’s current context and the products and messaging to better engage the shopper with the right message at the right time at the right location.

Shopper Intelligence

Shopper Intelligence captures signals from the products and brands consumers interact with across hundreds of magazines, mobile apps, and websites that ShopAdvisor’s technology is embedded in.

Better target users, but also better personalize experiences to maximize engagement with greater insight from consumer interactions.

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