This week, two members of the ShopAdvisor team attended the Path to Purchase Expo (formerly known as the Shopper Marketing Conference and Expo) in Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois. Our team was in good company at the Expo, as the event brought together thousands of shopper and digital marketing companies and apps; brand and retail marketing executives, agencies, and solutions; and CPG companies.

Here are some of their more memorable moments and takeaways:

  • There are many companies doing some really cool things: Of course, there were big names there (our team members especially enjoyed hearing from Walmart and Walgreens), but our team members also wanted to give a shout out to Kantar Retail for the interesting work they’re doing in integrating virtual reality with the shopping experience.
  • It wasn’t all fun and games — but there were fun and games: Aside from our own prize wheel and the promise of gift cards, there were companies giving away the latest Apple products, quirky prizes (like deluxe salt and pepper shakers) and one company, Menasha Packaging, even had a margarita happy hour!
  • Attendees came from all over: More than 4000 people attended the conference, and although most came from within the U.S., our team was impressed by how many came from around the world to represent their companies.

But most importantly:

  • We had some great conversations and made new connections: Our team members said that their favorite part of the Expo was getting to know the other attendees and introduce them to ShopAdvisor. It was a pleasure to be included alongside the other movers and shakers in the industry.

    If you attended Path to Purchase, what were your favorite parts of the Expo? Comment on this post or send us a message with your insights and comments from the Expo, or to get in touch to learn more about ShopAdvisor, say hello at

We look forward to returning to Path to Purchase’s Expo next year!

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