October 20, 2016 — Nielsen on Thursday announced that it will for the first time open its consumer packaged goods data and insights to third-party analytic companies on a historic and broad scale, with the launch of the Nielsen Connected Partner Program. The move enables Connected Partner companies and Nielsen clients to find each other and collaborate in an open ecosystem, freeing them from common barriers to connecting applications and data sets at scale. Several companies, including Applied Predictive Technology, a Mastercard company, are already signed up as Connected Partners and using the Nielsen data in collaborative analytics initiatives. “The proliferation of data, accelerated pace of business and rapid advancement of digital technologies has created a global environment where success is dependent on connections,” stated Chris Morley, president of Nielsen, U.S. Buy. Tied to a deeper global technology investment for client growth, the Nielsen Connected Partner Program is a managed network of companies who serve CPG manufacturer and retail clients using data shared under a set of data release rules.


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