ShopAdvisor published a new case study to highlight the results of a major national pet food brand’s drive-to-store campaign. One of the biggest findings, only 57% of the participating stores actually had the pet products in stock at the outset of the campaign. How did this data, provided by ShopAdvisor, help our client optimize advertising dollars and achieve maximum results?

A little over a year ago, I became a mom – a dog mom that is – to an incredibly charismatic, loving and high-energy chocolate Labrador Retriever. Growing up with dogs, I instinctively knew how important it would be to feed Jack the right kinds of food and treats so he too, can live a long and healthy life. Products that are made in the US, are all-natural, and readily available at stores closest to my home are some of the main things I look for in a pet brand. There is no denying that over the last few months, I have become pawfully loyal to certain dog treats and pet food brands. I mean, it’s not like everyone in Petco knows me (and Jack Daniels) on a first name basis or anything!

Coincidentally, ShopAdvisor recently teamed up with a major national pet food brand on a drive-to-store mobile proximity marketing campaign that would entice pet owners into Walgreens to find their dog’s favorite treats.  ShopAdvisor provided the contextually relevant shopper, location and product availability data that powered a six week advertising campaign to increase awareness around three particular dog treats and drive pet owners into 8,614 Walgreens locations to purchase these scrumptious treats.

The pet brand utilized both mobile and desktop-based promotions, which included hyper-local targeted digital display ads and videos that were delivered via the Walgreens app. Data was pulled from the ShopAdvisor platform, which enabled us to provide the most granular audience segmented data for the campaigns. Key information like dog accessory purchase history, interest in dogs, distribution times and days, and competitive pet brand analysis were all factors in providing the highest contextualized messaging and path-to-purchase experience to pet owners in and around select Walgreens locations.


With more than 7.7 million impressions and a click through rate (CTR) that was 2.7 times higher than the industry average, our pet brand not only achieved substantial results in product awareness but, through real-time product availability data, pet owners were afforded with a more optimal and accurate clicks-to-bricks mobile experience.

Also, through the ShopAdvisor platform, the pet food brand found that only 57% of the participating stores actually had the treats in stock at the outset of the campaign. Why is that important? Think about it – a mobile ad drives a shopper to a retailer only to find that the product they just received an ad or offer for is the wrong flavor, color or worse, is out of stock. In that case, not only does that shopper lose (their mind!) but, the brand and retailer lose a sale, and more than likely, a customer to a competitor.

my chocolate lab, Jack Daniels

I don’t know about you, but my 78 pound fur baby rides shotgun pretty much anywhere I go. Though I trust Jack’s sixth sense every time we drive past a pet store,  I would much rather forgo the barking episode and instead, have a contextually relevant promotion pop up on my smartphone to alert me that his most beloved dog treats and food are in fact available at the pet store on my route home, in aisle 14, and a bonus, are 50% off! Hey, a well-fed dog is a happy dog! Can I get a woof if you agree?

You can read the full case study here

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