With Black Friday behind us, we begin the final countdown for holiday shopping. Previous ShopAdvisor studies have debunked the myth that Black Friday and Cyber Monday truly deliver the best deals and discounts. After the initial commotion dies down, there is still a lot of shopping to be done till Christmas and beyond. This left us wondering what happens in these final few shopping weeks: when will people shop the most, and what will they be shopping for?

To determine what’s left on shopper’s gift-lists, ShopAdvisor analyzed the purchases and buying intentions of our ShopAdvisor app users looking at more than 250 gift categories, 16,000 retailers, and 200 million products. The analysis provided insight into what people are still looking for and loving, what’s on their watchlists, and which products they’re still hoping for discounts on before purchasing:

Though electronics are always a big-ticket item on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’re still topping people’s lists as we approach Christmas. Consumers are wiser now than ever – and realize that if they wait until after the overhyped shopping days, they can probably get a better discount on that Sony Playstation or iRobot’s Roomba Vacuum they’ve been eyeing.

Sentimentality is possibly motivating “procrastinating” shoppers, as many still have more personal items, such as apparel, shoes, and jewelry, on their gift lists. These gifts require knowing the gift recipient’s sizes and preferences, indicating a closer relationship. Additionally, shoppers are gravitating towards gifts with a quirky touch – a funny turn-of-phrase on a mug or custom tank-tops – further demonstrating the personal nature of their gifts that only a friend could love.

If shoppers are looking to avoid crowds to pick up their gifts before Christmas, it seems as though during the week is the time to do it. ShopAdvisor data from last year revealed that the Saturdays and Sundays leading up to Christmas will be the busiest, with Sunday, December 13th and Saturday the 19th poised for the most foot-traffic.

Ultimately, those who decided to skip the Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy are still in good shape. With a few weeks left to go until Christmas, there’s still plenty of time to find great deals, and get those gifts under the tree without sacrificing a little sentimentality and Christmas spirit.

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