This past August, ShopAdvisor partnered with ELLE Magazine to venture into largely uncharted territory: partnering with a major media brand for an innovative drive-to-store program leveraging location-based mobile technology that would connect consumers to brands. Though proximity technology itself can no longer necessarily be considered “novel,” using data science to optimize proximity technology to maximize its effectiveness certainly pushed the ShopAdvisor and ELLE program from merely touting the uses of beacons to producing actual proof of what smart proximity marketing can accomplish.

Running in conjunction with ELLE Magazine’s 30th anniversary issue, the ShopNow! with ELLE program utilized beacons and geo-fences to engage consumers through a curated and custom omni-channel shopping experience. The program worked to drive consumers to participating retailers’ brick-and-mortar locations, including Barnes & Noble, Vince Camuto, Guess, and Levi’s stores, while receiving additional reach from Swirl Networks, Gimbal technology, and publishing partner RetailMeNot.

By integrating native advertising from participating retailers with ShopAdvisor’s mobile proximity technology, these brands had new ways to measure the impact of their ad spending, and illuminate the path from media influence on consumers to a store entry and subsequent transaction. The ShopNow! with ELLE campaign aimed to demonstrate a visible and attributable path-to-purchase from media to store, and to increase store visit rates through interactive, targeted content.

Spanning 800 locations across the country and reaching nearly half a million shoppers, the program was able to drive 106 times more shoppers to visit a participating store, compared to typical mobile advertising programs – and in only five weeks.

Other key findings included:

User engagement (mobile alert open rate) 7% 17x benchmark*
Store visit rate 6% 71x benchmark*
Store visit rate (for profiled users) 66%
Total store visits catalyzed 27,000

*compared to industry average open rates of 0.4% and store visit rates of .08%

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