February 22, 2017 — We are not breaking the news here when we say that smartphones have officially moved beyond being just “phones.” Smartphones have changed the way we shop, learn, locate, watch, connect and produce. Heck, they even offer the promise of finding your future soul mate with a simple swipe to the right. We have officially crossed the line into living in a mobile world. Tap dance Last November, Google made a statement that it will start ranking its search listings based on mobile content.

EMarketer also recently reported that mobile Internet usage has surpassed desktop and tablet by nearly 72 percent. While this mobile-centric world has, and is, creating an endless amount of new opportunity for brands and retailers alike, it also brings significant challenges. How do you make your application stand out amongst the nearly 6 million apps now available for download? What kind of experiences must be provided to the consumer to engage them and keep them coming back? How can you turn an app into a platform that brands and retailers will pay to be on because they are confident that they will see the return on ad spend they can measure in real dollars?

A couple of executives from tech companies can help answer these questions: ShopAdvisor – a contextualized intelligence data platform that enables brands, retailers and agencies to power drive-to-store marketing campaigns; and Localytics – a mobile engagement platform that gives companies the insights and tools they need to improve their mobile app acquisition, engagement and retention efforts.


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