Stop Wondering and Learn to Love APIs

For many marketers the term API can elicit mixed emotions. It holds the promise of making adtech platforms work together magically.  But it's also somewhat mysterious, and as such, can impart a feeling of uneasiness in not knowing what it does exactly. So what exactly...

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Sales Lift Basics 101

  Marketing campaign analytics and measurements have come a long way thanks to the technology behind smartphones, beacons and consumer data platforms. Yet, some retail marketers today are not sure how to even sort through such data or are stuck in the past with...

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4 Q’s on the 4 with Scaling Retail

4 Q’s on the 4 is an exclusive monthly ShopAdvisor blog segment that asks a tech, agency, CPG or retail industry expert four questions that are then posted at four o’clock. It’s the perfect quick read before you leave the office or on your train ride home. The retail...

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